Annual Project Meeting in Berlin

Behind the Scenes: MoMaTrE in Berlin

Over the past three days, we were working on the further development of our app: During this year’s project meeting of the MoMaTrE team (Mobile Math Trails in Europe), we discussed many different ideas for the MathCityMap app in Berlin from Thursday to Saturday.

Apart from the MathCityMap team from Goethe University Frankfurt, our project partners from the universities of Lyon (France), Porto, Lisbon (each Portugal) and Nitra (Slovakia) also took part. Furthermore, we were actively supported by representatives of the Spanish Teachers’ Association and the Berlin app developer autentek.

All participants present the current state of the MathCityMap system in a constructive working atmosphere: Within the framework of MoMaTrE, the idea of ​​the digital classroom is prototypically implemented, which allows teachers to observe the progress of individual groups when completing an MCM math trail. In addition, the pirate narrative created an opportunity to focus on playful learning using MathCityMap.

The mobile app version will soon be expanded as part of the MoMaTrE project, which will make it much easier to create or edit MCM math trails using a smartphone. We are also working intensively on our new community website, which should enable users to exchange and rate math trails. Furthermore, the math trail idea will be embedded in the curriculum in the European partner countries. Last but not least, two major multiplier events are on the program: In April, a one-week teacher training course will take place in Granada, Spain, while the STEM conference ROSETA is due in Lisbon, Portugal in June.

Of course, the app was not only further developed theoretically, but also put to practical use in an exciting math trail at the Gendarmenmarkt. In the digital classroom, the groups were able to demonstrate their mathematical knowledge while getting to know Berlin.

We would like to thank all partners for the productive project meeting!

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