Long Term Curriculum (IO6)

As we are developing lots of material to do mobile mathematics, we will create a Long Term Curriculum about “Create, develop and running a math trail” for math education students (a students curriculum), so that future generations of math teachers get ideas and be able to use math trails in their classes. Also when they are experienced with mobile mathematics, they can have a positive impact on other math teachers of their schools.

It is a complete new Curriculum for students, a hands-on experience, reflection on tasks, develop a math trail on their own and on top of that, walk it with a school class. We expect teachers with that course to reflect about tasks, what is authentic, what is a real-life task. These principles are not limited to the outdoor mathematics, but also come in handy for indoor tasks, textbook tasks, to learn how to tell what is a good task and what not. Here lies also the transferability potential, the shift between outdoors and indoors. The principles of modelling, authenticity and real-life context also are to be used inside the classroom.