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Conference on mobile and outdoor STEM education

At the End of the projects lifetime, propably in August 2020, the Consortium will host a conference on outdoor and mobile STEM education in Porto, Portugal. MoMaTrE will show its contribution towards this topic, but we are curious about other and similar approaches to raise the awareness of this important issue and start to create a community.


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Intensive Study Programme on math trails

For two weeks in march 2019 there will be an Intensive Study Programme in Frankfurt, Germany. Around 30 students France, Germany, Portugal and Slovakia will come together to work on new ideas for the future of modern math trails. They will share their experiences from home and help each other to broaden their horizons. Coming from different countries with different school systems will help to illuminate different aspects of math trails.

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Project Meeting in Alcala, Spain

In June we had a bilateral Meeting with FESPM and the Goethe University. The FESPM had a lots of feedback and ideas for the MathCityMap app, which is part of Mobile Applications. We invited Isabel Vale and Ana Barbossa as experts from the Instituto Polit├ęcnico de Viana do Castelo, who have been researching math trails for a long time and have created a curriculum for pre-service teachers.

Project Meeting Berlin, Germany

In June we had a bilateral Meeting in Berlin with Autentek and the Goethe University. The next steps to create Sessions have been fixed. Sessions are a part of Mobile Applications. It is about school classes on a math trail, which can create a session with their teacher so that the teacher can get in contact with the groups, know their location and in the end get a summary of the solutions for postprocessing in the classroom.


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Kick-Off Meeting in Lyon, France

At the beginning of the Project in Fall 2017 we had the first Meeting of all Partners in Lyon. At this Kick-Off The Feedback of the National Agency towards the Proposal was analysed and the schedule of work packages for the first year was discussed and finalised.