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The prototype of MathCityMap was launched in march 2016 and is still the only available application for math trails. The app can do:

During the MoMaTrE project we will add: The idea is that more teachers will do math beyond the classroom and go on a math trail with their classes. The app replaces peparation time consuming old paper version of math trails. With hints, feedback, reports and communiation options, the pupils can walk a trail on their own. The teacher can guide the class with the mobile technology. After running the math trail the teacher and the pupils can discuss the tasks inside the classroom.

At the moment the creation of tasks needs to be done in the web portal. So a teacher takes a picture in front of the object or the place which place the main functionin the task, measures everything needed, go home and create the task in front of the desktop or laptop. We think of a small authoring application, which allows you to take a picture with the smartphone, enter all required data and up load up the task in case of an internet connection. Geolocation will be taken from the GPS tag of the photo. This application make it more easier to create tasks instandly whereever one found them.